1CCA (Certificate in Computer Application)3 Months
2DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)6 Months
3DOA (Diploma in Office Automation)6 Months
4DIT (Diploma in Information Technology)6 Months
5DCA-P (Diploma in Computer Application with Programming)9 Months
6COAP (Certificate in Office Automation & Publishing)6 Months
7DOAP (Diploma in Office Automation & Publishing)12 Months
8ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application)12 Months
9ADIT (Advance Diploma in Information Technology)12 Months
10ADCTT (Advance Diploma in Computer Teacher Training)12 Months
11ADCAP (Advanced Diploma in Computer Application & Programming)12 Months
12PG-DCA (PG Diploma in Computer Application)12 Months
13Photoshop2 Months
14Internet & E-mail Technology1 Month
15Microsoft Office3 Months
16CDP (Certificate in Desktop Publishing)3 Months
17DTP (Desktop Publishing)6 Months
18CFA (Certificate in Financial Accounting)3 Months
19DFA (Diploma in Financial Accounting)4 Months
20DTA (Diploma in Taxation & Accountancy)6 Months
21DCA-T (Diploma in Computer Application with Tally)9 Month
22CCA-T (Certificate in Computer Application with Tally)6 Months
23DPAT (Diploma in Professional Accounting & Tally)6 Months
24ADPAT (Advanced Diploma in Professional Accounting & Tally)12 Months
25DAFT (Diploma in Accounting Finance Taxation)6 Months
26COA (Certificate in Office Automation)3 Months
27CDP-T (Certificate in Desktop Publishing with Tally)6 Months
28BCH (Basic Course in HTML)3 Months
29Microsoft Office Access1 Month
30Microsoft Office Excel (Advance)1 Month
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